Star Wars “SkyCeiling” Team | April 30, 2008

(Luminous 360 SkyCeiling™
installed in the Star Wars-themed family room
of the Ruiz home in Frankfort, Illinois.)

Is your humble dwelling missing something? Maybe you need a sky light, or better yet a portal into a galaxy far, far away? Sky Factory is here to make your home redux dreams come true with virtual and programmable “SkyCeilings.”

BoingBoing Gadgets Editor Joel Johnson reviews these futuristic home decor sky lights with a couple of ideas that might make Star Wars fans take an interest:

I tried to blow Aaron’s mind with my idea of doing fantasy scenes, but he stopped me mid-blurt, telling me about the large number of installations they’ve already done in home theaters that feature deep space scenes full of nebula and shooting stars. One of Sony’s MMO groups apparently looked into getting one of their game’s sky graphics installed in a board room. Another client was an orthodontist redoing his basement as a tribute to Star Wars (including an X-Wing cockpit mock-up) who recreated the little table at which Chewie and C-3PO play chess. Above it? A custom window looking out into a spinning galaxy.

Read Joel’s full report here:
Sky Factory SkyCeilings: modular and custom drop-in virtual skylights (and spacelights!)
(via Boing Boing Gadgets)

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