Cool R2-D2 Collection Video

Pete Vilmur | April 29, 2008


Dustin Roberts, former Star Wars Fan Club president and owner of – a site devoted to all things Artoo — recently posted a cool video short showcasing his vast collection of Star Wars merch. Naturally, it’s astromech-heavy, but also a wonderful example of how to successfully showcase a collection (space-challenged collectors will be jealous!).

We asked Dustin a few questions about his collection – check out his responses and a link to the video short after the jump –

So first off, where did you find the room to display all this stuff?

We’ve got a computer room that overlooks the living room downstairs. It used to belong to both my wife and I, but she got a laptop for Christmas and I coaxed her out of her half of the room. Then just recently an IKEA store opened near Cincinnati and I just had to get something to help display the collection! I picked up a few display cases and shelves and finally dragged out the R2 collection. It felt good to finally see it all in one place.

About Artoo — What’s so important? What’s he carrying?

What do you mean what’s so important? He saves the day everytime!

Anything you’re dying to display but just don’t have the space?

Right now my R2-D2 carded collection is not out. You’ll see a few in the video but I just don’t have the space to display them all right now. Guess you’ll have to wait for the next video update ;-)

What grail piece are you still looking for?

I’ve got way too many holy grail pieces to choose from these days, but that’s the beauty of it, my list is so long and never ending that I simply get what I want, when I want!

You can check out a video of Dustin’s collection here.

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