Star Wars Collecting in Poland

Pete Vilmur | April 24, 2008


While it seems Star Wars merchandise has been produced in nearly every corner of the globe, it’s not often collectors have an opportunity to explore the hobby in any depth within those areas obscured by a formidable language barrier. That’s why the recent article on Polish Star Wars collectibles posted at (via is such a boon for Western collectors – for the first time, we get some informative insights on the posters, books, pencil toppers and more to come from Poland, a country where information on Star Wars collectibles has always seemed murky at best.

Written by Kuba Turkiewicz with translation by Lukasz “Miagi” Mlotkowski, this fantastic article is coupled with a second piece focusing on the world of Polish bootleg Star Wars action figures – a sideline category that’s picked up a lot of momentum in recent years among diehard Kenner collectors.

You can check out the comprehensive article of Star Wars Polish collectibles here, and the follow-up on Polish action figures here.

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