Axis vs. Allies Star Wars-Style

Pete Vilmur | April 14, 2008


Created by figure customizers Sillof & Glorbes, this set of World War II-era Star Wars characters looks like something out of a vintage B-movie serial – which isn’t altogether inappropriate come to think of it.

Captain Han Solo with leather flight jacket – yeah, that feels about right. And we love the dual curved cartridges on Chewbacca’s rifle doubling for his signature splayed-front bowcaster. The stormtroopers look like, well, their classic namesake, and Fett still fits the feel of his cinematic counterpart, minus the missile-firing backpack.

The biggest props have to go to the Luke Skywalker figure, though – amazingly, these customizers were able to repurpose the “beefed-up” Luke action figure from the mid-90s, which for all intents and purposes was a pretty big miss in most fans’ books.

Hopefully we can look forward to some Rebel Spitfires and Imperial Stukas rolling off the assembly line soon. Check out the full set of figures here.


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