Star Wars Steampunk Figures

Bonnie Burton | April 11, 2008

Fan and custom figure creator Sillof has posted some outstanding Star Wars Steampunk figures that make us long for an official line of Victorian EU toys.

For those of you who need a primer on Steampunk the gist is that it’s a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that mixes steam, gears, and clunky elements with Victorian design elements to make a uniquely cool world of old meets futuristic. Jules Vern meets Blade Runner.

Sillof explains his inspiration for each Star Wars Steampunk custom figure — whether it’s the steam-powered boiler-bot that is R2-D2 or the Prussian spiked helmet and gas-mask elements on Darth Vader.

My personal favorite is the Steampunk version of Chewbacca. He looks even more like an animal here, but also tougher than the usual Walking Carpet we all know and love. Plus he’s wearing PANTS!!! *gasp* Of course, this could also be a shout-out to die-hard fans who all know Chewie almost got stuck wearing lederhosen in A New Hope if the 20th Century Fox executives had gotten their way.

Sillof writes:

Chewbacca always presents a challenge, as the classic look is large furry naked guy. I gave Chewbacca a more animalistic look with the more feline face and clawed hands and feet. As first mate on the airship I figured he would still have mechanic duties, as seen from his classic bandolier now serving as a tool bag. I gave him some pirate-ish clothing with loosing too much of the exposed fur look. His weapon is designed to be my clunkier version of a crossbow energy weapon. Chewie is finished off with the obligatory goggles to protect his eyes from the wind on the airship.

I can’t wait to see what his next set of Star Wars Steampunk Figures will be. Fingers crossed that he transforms the Cantina Aliens. (Hint Hint)

Check out the entire set of Sillof’s Star Wars Steampunk Figures here.

Also be sure to look at Sillof’s other custom figures in the Star Wars Revisions Set that he describes as “hi-tech meets the Middle Ages, with accents of the Western cowboy & Eastern samurai influences of Star Wars.”

Read more about Star Wars Steampunk here.


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