Russell Brand’s AT-AT Aviary Team | April 9, 2008

British actor and comedian Russell Brand can be seen as the rock star Aldous Snow in the comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but some Star Wars fans might be interested to learn that as a kid Brand tried to nurse wounded birds back to health using his toy AT-AT as a makeshift aviary.

In his memoir My Booky Wook, Brand talks about his AT-AT bird hospital:

I would make a new home for them in my AT-AT Walker — a Star Wars toy with legs from The Empire Strikes Back:it struck back very hard at Essex’s wildlife, with me as the Emperor’s well-intentioned idiot apprentice. All my other Star Wars figures lived in there too, so if you opened it up you’d see Lando Calrissian, a stormtrooper and a baby sparrow — an inlikely trio, yes, the three’v’ em’ve all got their foibles, sure, but they’ve got each other, and they’ll all learn something on this journey they’re taking together.

The problem with rescuing baby birds is that it’s very hard to get them to eat properly. You have to chop ‘em up worms, which they don’t want to eat. While I quite understand because they look and smell awful, writing on a spoon like spastic spaghetti (spazghetti?); I wasn’t prepared to pop it in my gob like their real mum would’ve done. ‘My real mum chews my food up and regurgitates it,’ one might’ve said. ‘I don’t care what your real mum does, while you’re under my roof, in my AT-AT Walker, you’ll live by my rules.’

Sadly, my avian nursery had a one hundred per cent failure rate. If I was a rehabilitation centre for fledglings, the AT-AT Walker would have been sold off to pay for counselling for the grief-stricken parents.

Read more about Russell Brand’s book My Booky Wook here.

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