May April Fool’s Be With You

Bonnie Burton | April 1, 2008

Nothing shows off our fans’ excellent sense of humor more than every site trying to pull a fast one on April 1. While didn’t have a chance to jump in on the fun like we have in the past — April 1, 1979 — we were thrilled to see loads of Star Wars fans — and various sci-fi kids — get in on the act.

Here’s a list of our faves so far…

Upcoming: From the secret files of LucasBooks (
This EU prank was so convincing, I fell for it hook, line and bodice ripper. So thanks a lot for getting the Lucas Books team to giggle at my Chick Lit hopes and dreams!

Wookieepedia in Aurebesh
The Wookieepedia gang translated their front page into Aurebesh. Which means only Star Wars characters, hardcore fans and Ben Burtt can decipher it.

BBtv – exclusive interview with George Lucas on “The Boba Fett Mystique” (
Xeni Jardin deserves the Pulitzer for this.

Harrison Ford to Return as Han Solo (

George Lucas Reveals Project 4108 (

Hello Kitty CosPlay Center (


Legend of Zelda Movie Trailer Premiere (
Another one I totally fell for and am very sad to know this is not real. I would have stood in line for this gem. Or at least bought the straight-to-DVD. Honest!

Indy 4 In 3-D? (

Cap’n Buzz Spazztroids Cereal (
It’s no Admiral Ackbar Cereal, but it sure comes close! Other April Fool’s products like the USB Pregnancy Test, Betamax to HD-DVD Converter and the Defendius Labyrinth Security Lock can be found here.

Be sure to also check out this handy list:
Top 10 Places to Get Fooled on April 1st
Who knew NASA and HowStuffWorks would be pranking their visitors?!

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