Happy Easter from Jedi-Con

Pablo Hidalgo | March 23, 2008

Daniel Logan, known to countless Star Wars fans as Boba Fett, is in Germany right now for Jedi-Con, an official Star Wars Fan Club event. He’s graciously agreed to be our eyes and ears on the convention floor and chimes in with this report:

Here is my report from Jedi-Con on Saturday. First I would like to say Happy Easter. And from the 1st picture you can see, other fans are preparing for Easter as well.


At 10AM all the guests gathered for a photo shoot with attendees. They had a great background set up for photos. It was located in the R2 Builders area. That took about an hour and a half.



We then went to the signing area again from 11AM-5PM. I took some pictures of attendees in their costumes. Other than the Fetts, who are always the best, I really liked the Bossk costume. I know it is not film accurate, but I could not help smiling every time he walked by.


I had Darth Mauls, little Bobas & Jangos as well as little Jedi come up to my table.  I did a brief interview for German TV. They just wanted to know how I enjoyed the event.




At 5PM, Jeremy Bulloch and I had our stage presentation. We decided to bring up eight members of the audience to come up on stage and give us their interpretations of how they would portray Boba Fett. It was all good fun. We had dancing, singing and several different types  of Bobas. Then both Jeremy and I had about 25 minutes of question and answers. It was a great crowd and Jeremy and I really enjoyed it.

At 6:30PM there was a buffet dinner provided by the promoters. Everyone, including all the guests attending. Was very good food. At 8:30PM there was the costume contest. I did attend, but alas, my camera batteries decided to die. I will get new ones for Sunday. So there is my Saturday report.



Take care,





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