Daniel Logan Reports in from Jedi-Con

StarWars.com Team | March 21, 2008

Daniel Logan, known to countless Star Wars fans as Boba Fett, is in Germany right now for Jedi-Con, an official Star Wars Fan Club event. He’s graciously agreed to be our eyes and ears on the convention floor and chimes in with this report:

Hello Everyone!

This is Daniel Logan giving you report from Dusseldorf Germany on Jedi Con 2008. I arrived into the Dusseldorf Airport last night. I had a long flight from Los Angeles and connected through London’s Heathrow Airport. This is my first visit to Germany! When I arrived into Dusseldorf I was glad to see the hotel was literally just outside the airport. I was able to check into the new Maritim Hotel, also where the convention is being held. It is a very nice hotel and the convention area is very nice as well.


(The view from my hotel)

The convention started today. All the guests started meeting the attendees at 2PM. The list of guests is: Steve Sansweet, Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan (that’s me), Orli Shoshan, Robert Watts, Mike Edmonds, Barrie Holland, Christian Simpson, Derek Lyons and Tim Dry. We were all there until 7PM.


(Mike Edmonds, who played Logray, with pics of me)

At 8:30PM there were the opening ceremonies. It was mostly in German, so I do not know what was said. They did have a funny film to open, again in German, but it was well done and had some funny visuals- referring to Star Trek. And after the short film a Borg from Star Trek came on stage, killed an Imperial Officer and then was promptly killed by a Sith. Then two Jedi came on stage and had a duel to the death with the Sith. Unfortunately, the Sith did not survive. After the stage demonstration, all the guests were introduced by the Master of Ceremonies, Robert Eiba. I was last to be introduced, just after Jeremy Bulloch.


(Opening Ceremonies)

Please take a look at the pictures I sent over. There will be more tomorrow. Hope you enjoy my reports!

Daniel Logan


The dealer’s room sets up



Various German fan groups gather, including R2 builders and 501st.





The Opening Ceremonies


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