1977 Star Wars Van Up for Bids

Pete Vilmur | March 17, 2008


For anyone who experienced Star Wars in the ‘70s, you’ll remember the custom van was as much a part of the mainstream as disco and shag carpet. And since pop-culture is notorious for cross-pollination (Star Wars disco, anyone?), we got ourselves a lot-full of customized Star Wars vans back in the day. While these were popular for a few years, most were either junked or painted over by the time the Reagan Era rolled in.

But once in a blue moon-roof, one of these anachronistic behemoths of the ‘70s rears its chrome-tipped tailpipes to count itself among the survivors of a lost moment in pop culture history. And as all things eventually reach eBay, one of these rare gems is currently riding a modest bid of just one grand – roof rust and all.

We’re hopeful the winner will decide keep the original Star Wars deco – and that, um, ‘classic’ ‘70s interior. An 8-track quadraphonic looping Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk might be a nice touch, too. Check out the eBay listing here.


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