ShoWest: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Team | March 14, 2008

Our ShoWest coverage of the Warner Bros. “Big Picture” presentation ended on an exciting note as filmmaker George Lucas took to the stage escorted by six Clone troopers from the 501st Legion.

Before airing a clip from Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Lucas addressed the audience comprised of motion picture distributors and marketers, fellow directors, producers and actors about his decision to make another feature and TV series that takes place between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Here’s what George Lucas said during the presentation:

It’s great to be back at Warner Brothers. I started here some 40 odd years ago. I made that exquisite hit before some of you were born called THX 1138. It was a huge hit. It played for a week. [laughs]

But now I’m back with something I think is really special. It started out as an idea to explore what happened during the Clone Wars. In Episode II, we see a little of the beginning of it. And in Episode III we just see the very end of it. We don’t actually get to see the whole spectacular battle.

This is really where it belongs — on the giant screen. It’s very new and different. It’s a little bit of anime, a lot of action and it’s exactly like the features only it’s more stylized. We have a new young character Ahsoka who’s a young teenage girl who turns out to be Anakin’s apprentice.

I think this film will hold up with the live action features. And I’m really excited to be able to bring it to you and I’m hoping that it will sell a lot of popcorn — because that’s actually what Star Wars is — one of the first popcorn pictures.

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Clone troopers from the 501st Legion pose with George Lucas after the WB Clone Wars presentation at ShoWest 2008.

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