ShoWest: The Clone Wars, Indy and More!

Bonnie Burton | March 13, 2008

Arriving in Las Vegas is always a surreal experience, especially during the day. So as I walked through the Paris Hotel checking out all the posters and displays for upcoming films at the ShoWest movie trade convention, I felt a glowing sense of pride when I spotted style guide art for The Clone Wars display and the poster for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

It’s a bit humorous to see where the posters are placed next to each other. As precise marketing folks can be about which movies they want to release their trailers before, it’s funny to see which movie posters are placed next to each other. For example, there’s something comforting knowing that Jedi Knights probably could help Harold & Kumar in their escape from Guantanamo Bay, or that the ladies of Sex and the City would be more than happy to show Indiana Jones a thing or two about running from the bad guys in high heels meant for the catwalk.

In addition to Jedi and an adventurous professor, it’s exciting to see posters and displays for some other movies as well. Pixar’s upcoming robot tale Wall-E has an interactive display with a rather soulful expression from the metallic main character.

The car from Speed Racer and the bike from the next installment in the Batman series — The Dark Knight — were clear hits amongst both tourists and convention attendees.

Thursday is a day full of presentations including one all about The Clone Wars complete with a few surprises. So stay tuned here for more blogging about ShoWest, The Clone Wars, Indy and more.

Be sure to check out our photo set here:
ShoWest 2008

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