Report from Wonder-Con: Lucasfilm Presentation (Part 2)

Pablo Hidalgo | February 23, 2008

After Brett Rector left the stage. Steve Sansweet turned to the subject of The Man with the Hat– Indiana Jones and his return to adventure this year. First, Sansweet reminded audiences about the final installment of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones coming to DVD on April 29th. He then screened the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (in theaters May 22) as well as the trailer for the LEGO Indiana Jones video game before turning the subject back to Star Wars… From a certain point of view.


After screening the trailer for the Robot Chicken: Star Wars special, the video then cut to a special greeting from Robot Chicken creators Seth Green and Matthew Senreich.

Seth Green: Hey what’s up guys? This is Seth Green standing here with–

Matt Senreich: Matt Senreich. Good to see you.

SG: We’re the creators of Robot Chicken. You may or may not know how much we wanted to be there with you but we were just not able to. You may not also know that we have a DVD of our Star Wars special coming out sometime soon.

MS: We heard that there were some questions emailed to us through the lovely Steve Sansweet over there, and we thought we’d answer them. We haven’t gotten to see them beforehand–

SG: This’ll be a surprise.

MS: There’s a good one.

SG: “If you’re such Star Wars fans as you claim, how come your show isn’t called Droid Chicken?” That’s a good question. We should probably ask the Chinese restaurant.

MS: Yeah, we were ordering a lot of takeout when naming the show itself, so…

SG: We were at a loss for names, so we just kind of randomly picked a menu item that was called “Robot Chicken.”

MS: If we do another special, we could call it Droid Chicken.

SG: We could. We could. “Why should we buy a DVD? I set my Tivo and it captured the show 227 times the night and morning it first aired. Is there any cool new stuff?” That’s a very good question, and to answer it, yeah, there’s a lot of cool stuff. There’s actually over two hours of bonus features. I know most people tout ‘oh, two hours, this and that,’ but we… we’re like you, man! We love watching DVDs. We love watching how the stuff got made. All the details. All the behind-the-scenes. All the extras. Everything that you could include that you’d want to see, we’d want to see too. That’s why you should buy it.

MS: We have everything from deleted audio, so you’ll see Breckenmeyer as Boba Fett.

SG: But, like , seven, minutes of it.

MS: What other silly stuff do we have there?

SG: There’s a bunch of cool stuff. I wouldn’t tease it too hard, Matt. These people know what they’re buying. “What’s George Lucas really like to work with?”

Well, you know he’s got the most pleasant scent about him. It’s similar to fresh garden or watermelon. It’s hard to explain, but when he walks into the room there’s a presence, and then on top of that, a really fresh scent. I found him incredibly agreeable to work with.

MS: He was a difficult actor, I will say. We had to put in line, Seth especially had to lecture him a couple times on the take we needed.

SG: It’s important to get the performance that you want from your actor. I wouldn’t say I had to lecture him, but I definitely had to assert my authority one place or another…. No, George is awesome and it’s great that we get to play with him and his stuff.

“Do you plan any more Star Wars spoofs?” Well, I assume if we were going to do another Star Wars spoof, we would have to plan it. That would be the first move to make. We’d talk about it. We’re talking about it.

MS: We did one in the third season which I think has already aired. As far as the fourth season, we haven’t actually started writing it yet, but I’m sure we can look to do some more.

SG: We love Star Wars. It’s an endless mine for humor, so you know.

MS: We’ll say 99 percent yes.

SG: Y’all got to buy that DVD though, or else they’re not gonna let us do it. That’s what I hear.

“What do you guys really do for a living?” I’m a bulls–t artist, professionally. That’s how I made my living.

MS: I live off of my wife’s money from doing her job. It works out well.

SG: What I really do for a living is probably the same thing y’all do: hunt toys.

MS: We probably go toy hunting, what, twice a week?

SG: If it’s possible, but the stores you know, it’s not as exciting — you know what I’m talking about. That is all. I say, thank you very much for all your questions.

MS: We hope you like the DVD. Please free to write us on our Myspace page as much as possible to let us know what you think.

SG: And we love you!

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