Star Wars Fan Guide to WonderCon 2008 Team | February 21, 2008

So many panels and events at Wondercon, so little time. But we’re here to help! The team will be at Wondercon reporting about the latest news, toys, comics, celeb sightings and more. Be sure to check back here on the Official Blog and the Official Flickr Photo Blog for ongoing WonderCon 2008 coverage!

Check out this handy link for the full list of WonderCon programs and panels. But to get you started, here’s a listing of our picks of things not to be missed!


FRIDAY — Feb. 22

3:00-6:00 pm — Lucas Licensing Portfolio Review — Think you have the skills to be an officially licensed Star Wars artist? Troy Alders, Art Director at Lucas Licensing, will conduct portfolio reviews, provide critiques, and offer tips for aspiring artists. Bring in a portfolio selection of your best work and see if you have what it takes to create art for the ever-expanding Lucasfilm galaxy. Read more about what Troy looks for here:
Be a Star Wars Artist: Portfolio Review Tips.
Room 214

3:00-4:00 pm — The Sergio and Mark Show — The world’s fastest cartoonist and legendary MAD magazine artist — Sergio Aragonés –celebrated the 25th anniversary of Groo in 2007 with a new mini series for Dark Horse. Sergio Aragonés has also been named as part of the new writing team on DC Comics’ Will Eisner’s The Spirit. But we love him best for his Sergio Stomps Star Wars comic! Room 232/234
Be sure to say hi to Sergio at Artists’ Alley AA1 too!
More panels with Sergio Aragonés

5:00-6:00 pm — Masquerade 101 — If you want to what it takes to dress to impress in your DIY Darth Vader costume, this is the panel to attend! An overview of costuming at fan conventions, discussing on-stage masquerade presentations as well as “hall costumes,” including growth and style differences at various conventions; design, fabrication, and tips, what mistakes to avoid, how to make an impact on stage or just walking around, what goes on behind the scenes, and how to have a lot of fun with this living art form. Panelists will include WonderCon Masquerade Director Martin Jaquish, and highly experienced award-winning fan costumers Dany Slone and Valerie Perez.
Room 232/234

5:15-6:15 pm — Kristen Bell Alert! — The ex-Veronica Mars current Heroes actress Kristen Bell will be at the Universal Panel promoting her upcoming movies Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Wanted — but we’re more interested in her role in the upcoming Fanboys flick where she plays Zoe, a snarky comic book employee that eventually dons the metal bikini fit for a Rebel princess.
Hall A

9:00-10:30 pm — Star Wars Fan Films: Last Film Standing — The Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge, now in its seventh year, honors promising moviemakers who do outstanding work, with the top prize each year chosen by George Lucas. How do your movie tastes compare? Lucasfilm will present a friendly competition where you, the audience, will choose the “Last Film Standing” from among some of the very best of the Challenge finalists from previous years. Come and show your support for the Force. Lucasfilm’s Mary Franklin will host, and you just might take home a Star Wars souvenir from the event. Read about past Fan Film winners here.
Hall A


SATURDAY — Feb. 23

11:00am-12:00pm — Draw Star Wars at WonderCon! — Learn how to draw Star Wars just like the pros do! Meet You Can Draw: Star Wars book author Bonnie Burton (that would be me) and artist Tom Hodges, as well as and Topps Sketch Card artist Katie Cook.
Room 232/234

1:00-2:00 pm — Disney: WALL•E — Pixar’s making a robot movie and we’re stoked to see the latest clips! WALL•E is the story of one robot’s comic adventures as he chases his dream across the galaxy. Meet director Andrew Stanton as he presents exclusive new footage of Disney-Pixar’s next adventure! (Fan side note: Skywalker Sound is doing the sound design!)
Hall A

1:30-2:30 pm — R2-D2 Droid Building Basics — Come meet local builders who will share their experiences and demonstrate working droids. Topics range from materials, tools needed, basic electronics and radio control information to make your own R2-D2 come to life! This panel sponsored by the R2 Builders Club. Check out some of the many droids and R2-D2 models the club built here.
Room 236/238

4:00-5:00 pm — Paramount: Iron Man — Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment present Marvel Studios’ Iron Man, starring Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges, Shaun Toub and Gwyneth Paltrow. The film’s director, Jon Favreau, will appear live on the WonderCon stage to discuss bringing the Marvel Comics superhero to the big screen.
Hall A

5:00-6:00 pm — Inside LucasFilm with Steve Sansweet — With Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series hot on the horizon, not to mention all the other events and projects in the works at Lucasfilm, Steve Sansweet, the entertainment company’s head of fan relations, will have much to share at WonderCon. Sansweet’s presentation will be the first on his 2008 convention circuit, so look for fresh news and glimpses into all the Star Wars excitement to come. We’ll also be living blogging this presentation here on the Official blog!
Hall A

5:30-7:00 pm — Video Game Design — Do you have the cleverness, passion, and perseverance to defeat the evil guardians of jobs in the game industry? Three pros, Keith Nemitz (Star Trek-DS9: Harbinger), Randy Angle (Dungeons & Dragons: Eye of the Beholder, Wii Zorro), and Bruce Harlick (The Matrix Online, upcoming Indiana Jones game), with decades of tales and secrets, can aid you in your quest. Learn why now is the best time ever to make games, how they are made, how to get in, how to get your ideas published, and when to run away! Why? Because maybe you’ll make better games!
Room 232/234

8:00-11:30 pm — Fourth Annual WonderCon Masquerade — The Masquerade costume competition, featuring costumes re-created from movies, TV, comic-books, and anime, plus completely original designs inspired by fantasy, science-fiction, and more, is back for its fourth big year! Trophies and other prizes will be awarded to the most outstanding entries. The Master of Ceremonies will be artist-writer Phil Foglio. No flash photography is allowed, and doors will open for audience seating beginning at 8:00 pm.
Esplanade Ballroom, ground floor level, East of the main lobby.

8-11 pm — Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Benefit Party — Mingle and mix with comic icons Winston Smith, Terry Moore, Austin Grossman, Ale Garza, Mark Brooks, Jim Valentino, Larry Marder, Moritat and more! Sponsored by Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Last Gasp, and 111 Minna. Location: 111 Minna Gallery. $10 at the door.

SUNDAY — Feb. 24

2:00-3:00 pm — Turning Comics into Games You Want to Play — Miss the old LucasArts game Sam & Max? Join Sam & Max creator Steve Purcell, Sam & Max Hit the Road designer Mike Stemmle, and Sam & Max Season Two designers Dave Grossman, Brendan Ferguson, and Chuck Jordan for a lively discussion about the ups and downs of bringing an unpredictable comic duo into games that are fun to play.
Room 236/238

3:00-4:00 pm — 501st Legion: Costuming at Conventions — Ever wonder how to make those cool costumes that you see the fans wearing at conventions? Here’s your chance to learn how, with tips and advice from those very same fans. You’ll hear how to create costumes from simple to extravagant, from novice to professional, and with every budget in mind. See examples and procedures on sewing, vacuum forming, mold making, fiberglass, metalwork, working with off-the-shelf items and more.
Room 232/234


Here’s what the local Fan Groups are doing:

The San Francisco Fan Force will have a table at WonderCon for its 5th consecutive year, and for the first time since 2003, the Rebel Legion (Endor Base) will have a table as well, which will be side by side at tables F1 & F2.

This year the Rebel Legion and Fan Force are co-sponsoring a charity raffle to benefit “Autism Speaks.”
Each day they will be raffling off Star Wars prizes which include:

  • Two 12″ Leia as Boushh figures – SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES
  • Two 12″ Bespin Luke figures – SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES
  • Two 12″ Endor Commando figures – SIDESHOW COLLECTIBLES
  • 3 sets of tickets to see Carrie Fisher in “Wishful Drinking” at the Berkeley Theater
  • Don Post X-wing Pilot helmet
  • A sketch by Star Wars artist Tom Hodges
  • Plus other Star Wars toys and collectibles
  • One complimentary Sideshow Collectibles gift card for every raffle ticket purchased.

Star Wars artist Tom Hodges will be making an appearance at the table, and they will have temporary tattoos and Rebel Legion trading cards to give away. The annual Rebel Legion photo shoot will take place at 11:30am Saturday Feb 23 in the Yerba Buena Gardens in front of the Martin Luther King Memorial. (weather permitting).

501st Legion:

501st Legion Booth – The 501st Legion will have a booth at 1117 (official 501st Legion booth) and the Golden Gate Garrison will have a table at F10 (theme will be “501st Legion Break Area”)

501st Legion Photo Shoot – Scheduled for Saturday February 23 at 2 pm sharp at the steps of the Zeum Museum in front of the Carousel.

501st Legion Zeum Museum Visit – A covert (low-key) 501st Legion mission. One-hour on Sunday around 12 noon with six or seven troopers to visit the Zeum Kid’s Museum.

501st Legion Line Control – 501st Legion will also be providing line control at WonderCon, so look for those troopers and listen to what they have to say!

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