Field Report from Toy Fair: LEGO Clone Wars

Pete Vilmur | February 20, 2008

A pair of Bodyguard Magna-Droids from The Clone Wars collection.

In addition to posting images of some of the new products coming from LEGO’s Toy Fair reveal last Friday, we’ve got StarWarsShop’s Matt Martin on the floor to send back images from the LEGO booth itself.

The new line based on The Clone Wars is looking better than ever, and these pictures bring a nice sense of scale and detail to the kits that’s not always apparent in the press kit imagery. Make sure to check out all the images after the jump!

The new Rogue Shadow kit from The Force Unleashed was one of the few non-Clone Wars items on display in the Star Wars section of the booth.

A Togruta Jedi, Anakin, and a clone.

This battledroid just hangs on to what appears to be an upgraded STAP vehicle.

Obi-Wan, a pair of clones, and Asajj Ventress.

A shot of the new LEGO V-19 Torrent fighter in the grounded up-wing position.

The Republic gunship no doubt will serve up some formidable brick-kicking.

This detail on the gunship shows the clever nose art we can’t wait to see on more ships from Clone Wars. This one shows a Kowakian monkey-lizard dropping a bomb.

We hope intrepid StarWarsShop reporter Matt Martin will be bringing this new friend home.

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