Missing in Action: Rusty Miller

Pete Vilmur | February 19, 2008


A fan named Payton emailed us this weekend with a link to a blog entry he’d just made asking after the whereabouts of one Mr. Rusty Miller, the 12-year-old author of 1982’s Jedi Master’s Quizbook (making him about 37 years old this year).

Truth be told, we here at starwars.com have had an open MIA file on Mr. Miller for some time, hoping to track down the fan prodigy for a chance to catch up on his adult life, career, and whether or not Star Wars still fits into it.

Like Payton, we’ve done some online digging to no avail (the name “Rusty Miller” yields over 39,000 hits on Google!). We did ultimately locate one of the friends Rusty had mentioned in his book, Chris Fortier, but gleaned little useful information since they had apparently parted ways years ago. We had also come up with the Time magazine article reprinted in Payton’s post, as well as articles in a June, 1983 People and March ’83 Seventeen magazine. Unfortunately, these revealed little more than we already knew from the short bio printed in the Quizbook, which basically listed his parents’ names (Edward and Nancy), his age (12), his dog’s name (Frodo) and place of residence (Satellite Beach, FL).


The last printed testimony of Rusty’s existence seems to be a short tout of the People article he submitted to a July ’83 fanzine called “Cosmic Landscapes”. In it, he explains that he’d been asked to come up with 20 more questions for their readers, of which 16 were ultimately printed.

Finally, we discovered Rusty had appeared on two shows in the ‘80s, That’s Incredible and PM Magazine, both of which Lucasfilm’s got on tape (we haven’t actually seen these yet, but are hopeful there’s something revealing there).

Which brings us to you, the fans, to join the hunt and help us find the elusive Mr. Miller. If anyone thinks they’ve got a good lead, go ahead and post in the comments and we’ll see if we can’t track him down. And if we can’t, well, we know a good bounty hunter or two.


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