“10 Items or Less” Channels its Inner Force

StarWars.com Team | February 19, 2008

Our friends at Turner/TBS sent us this alert of interest to Star Wars fans looking for Star Wars references on television:

On the TBS series “10 Items or Less” the employees of the Greens & Grains are channeling their “inner Force” to get their beloved manager Leslie Pool (John Lehr) to come back from the dark side in an episode airing Tuesday, Feb. 19, at 11 p.m. (ET/PT).

When rival store manage Amy Anderson loses her job at the SuperValueMart, Leslie decides to hire her as Greens & Grains’ new assistant manager, to the horror of the rest of the staff. Amy’s influence is immediately felt as she forces Leslie to be stricter in his managerial style and tries to transform the Greens & Grains into an impersonal big box grocery store. It will take a maximum effort by the crew to snap Leslie out of Amy’s spell and rescue him from the dark side.

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