Star Wars Paraphrase Theater

Bonnie Burton | February 11, 2008

Will Carlough presents Paraphrase Theater — a semi-weekly video series where he reenacts movies, give or take. His motto: “Close is enough is good enough.”

In Star Wars Paraphrase Theater Will shows Tarkin and Princess Leia as you’ve never seen him… er her… before! We asked Will a few questions about this episode so you understand the method behind his mustache.

What inspired you to do Star Wars Paraphrase Theater?
I was trying to explain to a friend who Grand Moff Tarkin was. So I basically did what you see in the video for her and she said, “I still don’t know who he is, but I’d watch you doing that again.” So, I took her up on it.

How did you make the backdrop? What is it from?
That backdrop is the original Death Star playset. A collector scanned hi-res pictures of it and put them online. I’m kind of worried that the collector will read this and sue me, but Paraphrase Theater is basically an exercise in copyright infringement to begin with, so I’ll risk it.

What was your favorite part of the homage?
I really like the black and white atom bomb footage. I’ve used that clip in movies before, I’ll probably use it again.

What the heck is Paraphrase Theater?
Paraphrase Theater is a web series where I reenact various movies as inaccurately as humanly possible. There are more episodes on and there’ll be more coming as soon as we make them.

Any other comments about Star Wars?
Yes. Tell George to consider this as my audition tape to play Tarkin in the new TV series.

Watch the video here:
Star Wars Paraphrase Theater: Tarkin ‘n Friends


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