Zac Efron Twirls Lightsaber in Seventeen Again Team | February 6, 2008

“High School the Musical” star Zac Efron puts down the microphone and picks up a lightsaber in his next film Seventeen Again playing “a middle-age man suddenly transported back to his teenage years.” Of course, no teen years are complete without a few Star Wars collectibles, right? reports:

“I could have gone out and just played a kid somewhere and had a blast. But now I’m playing a 40-year-old guy,” Efron said. “It’s kind of fun playing an adult.” It’s a mantle he wears comfortably. Indeed, the day we visited with Efron we found him in a house only an adult could think of as fun, where hundreds of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings toys stood behind glass, boxed for eternity to accumulate value. Think the collection in The 40-Year-Old Virgin. Now think of the collection from The 40-Year-Old Virgin times 10.

In one scene, wearing a V-neck T-shirt and a red plaid shirt, Efron’s character haughtily navigates his way through a gathered crowd, dismissing an approaching girl, passing a beer to a friend and even proving that there’s a way to act cynical while twirling a lightsaber.

Read the full article and watch a video of Zac in action here:
Zac Efron Sheds Teen Image, Plays It Cool For Seventeen Again (

SOURCE: Club Jade

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