Warwick Davis in ShortFellas

StarWars.com Team | February 5, 2008

Star Wars and Harry Potter actor Warwick Davis is in a new comedy ShortFellas. Here’s the official movie site synopsis:

Five dwarves rip off a bank in the center of Newcastle. They want the cash, of course, but also want to pay for an operation that a young girl, the daughter of their getaway driver, desperately needs. They sit on the money and try to sweat out the police investigation. But when the money goes missing, they decide to pull another job. A local mob boss gets wind of the new plan and persuades (or rather, forces) the dwarves to do a job for him instead: a huge diamond heist worth over £5 million. But the cops have infiltrated the dwarf’s gang and the heist leads to an action packed denouement.

Warwick says of the film:

“I see many scripts during the course of my work, but as soon as I opened the 1st draft of ShortFellas, I knew this was something good, something different. It is both heartfelt and funny, exciting and touching. I am thrilled about the prospect of working on an independent film with such a fantastic cast and crew. My fellow cast members, short actors themselves, have a wealth of acting experience between them, and will bring so much to the film. To me, ShortFellas is a film akin to those hugely successful British comedies of recent years, but has all the potential to reach even greater heights! 2008 looks set to be a ‘big’ year for ShortFellas, and I’m looking forward to the ride.

Check out the trailer and movie site here:


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