LEGO Minis for Midi-chlorians?

Pete Vilmur | February 5, 2008

slave1 updates today with an incredible gallery of mini LEGO Star Wars ships custom built by Tim Goddard, who says he’s constructed about 200 of the thumb-sized props for expansive dogfight dioramas.

Here’s a bit of the interview:

JD: How do you reach to these super-simplified constructions? Do you do some planning first or you go straight for it?

TG: Just go for it! Well, mostly. Loads of reference pictures are essential and I often use an architect’s ruler in the scale I’m working in; making the dimensions as accurate as possible is key to getting the look (but you can’t help a bit of chunkiness, this is LEGO after all!) It can take ages to get the smallest model to look just right, endlessly taking it apart and putting it back together again.

JD: Yeah, I can imagine… how long have you been doing LEGO?

TG: Pretty much all my life. Space Lego was my favorite as a kid, and when they released Star Wars LEGO it was a match made in heaven! I’ve been making my own custom Star Wars stuff for maybe 5 years but I’ve always enjoyed building.

Check out the gallery and interview here, and while you’re in a LEGO Star Wars state of mind, check out the Millennium Falcon “pirate ship” just posted over at


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