Outer-space Women’s Day Station

Bonnie Burton | November 19, 2007

Ron Salvatore writes about the “Outer-Space Station” craft featured in Women’s Day magazine in 1978. Lucky for you, he also links to instructions on how to make this magnificent play set!

The entire set includes a park with a drawbridge and an abstract piece of sculpture; a rocket launch platform with a retractable roof; a conveyor belt that moves via a hand crank; a living area, including a working elevator and trick staircase; a spring-loaded personnel launcher that “catapults figures into space”; a solar power unit featuring a mass of plastic aquarium tubing; and, perhaps coolest of all, a monorail, that symbol of ’70s futurism, made from a soda bottle and a six-foot length of aluminum shelving bracket. Fully assembled, this thing is large, colorful and filled with action features–it’s pure toy bliss.

Read the full article here:
Outer-space Women’s Day Station

Download the craft instructions here.


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