Ask a NASA Astronaut a Question!

Bonnie Burton | October 26, 2007

Since the Discovery blasted off on on October 23 for a two-week mission (with Luke’s lightsaber on board!), Star Wars fans have been leaving their best wishes to the seven STS-120 astronauts headed to the International Space Station, at (So don’t forget to make sure the Discovery crew knows that the Force is with them!)

Now thanks to, visitors have a chance to ask an astronaut on board a question as well.

Feel free to ask how they feel about having Luke’s Return of the Jedi lightsaber on board. Or if the Star Wars saga inspired them to be astronauts? Or if they find themselves quoting the movie over and over, “Hey that’s no moon!”

What question would you like to ask? Your question may get picked and asked to an astronaut! But we need your questions by end of the day 5pm EST on Tuesday, Oct. 30.

So post your questions HERE in this thread:
Ask a NASA Astronaut a Question! (Due Oct 30)

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