Fan Frozen in Carbonite

Bonnie Burton | August 21, 2007

What’s cooler than daydreaming you’re Han Solo? How about pretending you’re Han frozen in Carbonite? Or even better taken his place by replacing Harrison Ford’s anguished mug with yours!

That’s exactly what this fan did when he got his hands on the Han in Carbonite replica.

This is a full-sized replica of the famous “Han Solo” in Carbonite. It is made from fiberglass, and the short story is that a friend who is a special effects guy owned the piece, which was a direct casting off the original prop. He was moving, (aka getting married and yelled at) and asked me if I wanted it. I screamed a huge lispy “Yes!” and picked it up, but knew I wanted to do something cool with it. So I called my other nerdy special effects pals, and they offered to replace Harrison Ford’s face with mine. I was so tired of hearing this offer in my daily life, but decided to finally consider it, so off it went.

KNB Effects in the Valley took an algae mold of my entire head, then cut off Han Solo’s, and replaced it with mine. They even added the frozen saliva that rushed out when Han got frozen.

Read all about it here.


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