Never Tell Me the Odds

Pete Vilmur | August 10, 2007


Belgian playing card manufacturer Cartamundi, which is Latin for “cards of the world”, recently acquired a Star Wars license to produce playing cards and – you guessed it – the very first official poker chip set!

Still hot off the success of landing the contract to produce the cards and chips appearing in the latest James Bond film Casino Royale, Cartamundi will be unleashing a stellar poker set this October for Star Wars fans, complete with 200 chips, two exclusive casino-quality card decks, a chrome Death Star dealer button, and Star Wars branded case.

The stand-out feature of this set, of course, is the presentation. The 100 blue, 50 green, and 50 red 10.2-gram translucent chips are illuminated within the case by 72 LEDs shining through diffuser lenses, brilliantly illuminating the set when opened. It’s no mistake that the colors resemble lightsaber blades – just be mindful of how you wage them at the table.

Expect to ante up about $200 bucks for this baby — yes, you can buy your own chips for that — and StarWarsShop will be posting this shortly –- stay tuned….

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