Star Wars Toy Lands #2 on 7-Best List Team | August 8, 2007


Times Online in the UK recently posted a story showcasing their picks for the seven best and seven worst movie tie-in toys to be released in recent months – Fortunately, Star Wars landed on the “Best” list at #2 with the Star Wars Russian Dolls.

The description isn’t exactly flattering, but we’ll assume that since it’s rated so high on the list, they’re just poking a little fun at Anakin’s expense:

Young annoying Anakin fits inside whiney teenage Anakin who fits inside wheezy grown-up Anakin, aka armour-clad terror of the galaxies Darth Vader. Like all of the most successful movie spin-offs, it works as a toy first and a souvenir second.

What was #1? Stretch Homer – can’t deny he’s got a bit of a home-field advantage, though, with his movie currently in theaters. StarWarsShop’s currently got the entire collection of Russian dolls, actually – click here to check them out.


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