Listening and Living in These Star Wars

Pete Vilmur | August 3, 2007


You’ve heard of The Star Wars Holiday Special, and maybe Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk, but have you ever heard Living in These Star Wars by The Rebel Force Band? No? Well brace yourself.

This unlicensed 1977 homage to Star Wars is one of those rare gems known mostly to hardcore Star Wars audiophiles, noteworthy for its sincere (although disastrous) attempt to honor the first film in song. now has the full album available for download, which is pretty slow, but definitely worth the wait.

With ditties such as “Don’t Fall in Love with an Android”, “Chewie the Rookie-Wookie”, and “A Respirator for Darth Vader”, this is a can’t-miss. Here’s a taste of lyrics from “Leia”:

“Leia – Oh -Be my lady, tonight
Be my lady, I love you
Over the planets
The places we’ll see
We’ll fly on forever
Then we’ll be free”…

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