Verifying Your Hyperspace Status at CE Team | July 9, 2007

We’ve received a lot of queries from members asking how they’ll be able to confirm their Fan Club membership status at Celebration Europe to enjoy all the member-exclusive benefits. While the Fan Club membership kits are readying for shipment this month, you won’t need the membership card (or even the downloadable one) to get your fan club lanyard at the convention.

Simply bring a photo ID when you arrive (minors without an ID should have an adult accompany them) and your membership status will be verified on site by staff members with access to the fan club database.

For those who have made recent subscription purchases (in the last two weeks) please try to bring a print-out of your confirmation email from StarWarsShop, as these new subscriptions may not have been registered when the data files were pulled for the convention.

If you did not receive your Fan Club lanyard in the mail, please follow the instructions above to pick it up on site. Lanyards (not tickets) will be available for pick up at the West Entrance of ExCeL on Thursday, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm and again during each morning of the convention starting at 7:30. Tickets will be available starting at 7:30 Friday morning.

See you all in London!


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