Hologram Leia = Future Runway Model?

StarWars.com Team | July 3, 2007

Fashion gurus over at Diesel may be inspired by the holographic message of Princess Leia projected by R2-D2. For their SS’08 Preview Collection fashion show at Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy, their runway models share the catwalk with hologram-like undersea creatures. The effect is dreamy, surreal and enchanting. At some point in the program, the creatures turn into holographic models themselves.

CR Blog reports:

Diesel’s Creative Team (under the direction of Wilbert Das) based the show on an aquatic theme entitled “Liquid Space” and brought together Barcelona animation studio Dvein – who worked on the CGI visual effects and 3D animations – and Danish multi-media production agency, Vizoo, who provided the innovative technology for the show, which they had created themselves.

“The visuals are projected through a series of ‘foils’ into mid air, so you see the images in mid-air. The models can then interact with them and walk through them. We used plastic foils placed at 45 degree angles so that the projected light from the ceiling goes onto a foil, is reflected on to another and then into the air. We worked it so it had a real catwalk feel and so that you could view it from both sides: you can see the models, the holograms and the public from both sides.”

Watch this video clip of the fashion show to see the models and creatures in action:
Diesel “Liquid Space” Holographic Fashion Show

True fashionistas might also recall the innovative use of similar technology on the catwalk from the 2006 Alexander McQueen Fashion Show which featured a ghostly hologram of supermodel Kate Moss.

SOURCES: CR Blog, Boing Boing, Diesel


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