Let Them Have Star Wars Cake!

Bonnie Burton | June 20, 2007

Feeling blue because you missed out on eating Star Wars 30th Anniversary cake with a room full of fans at Celebration IV Opening Ceremonies? Well, thanks to an industrious fan, you too can capture that lost moment in time with this oddly endearing collectible — a slice of Star Wars cake preserved in resin.

Pieces of cake were distributed to 7,000 attendees of the Opening Ceremonies. “Everyone was served their own piece of cake and each piece was topped with a Star Wars character — I got the piece with C-3PO,” Brae Wyckoff (aka Jedi Brae) says. “I took my piece of cake and kept it so I could capture the moment forever if possible. It took me several weeks to figure it all out but it was a success.”

“I have seen so many weird things for sale on eBay, so at the time of the event I thought it might be possible to capture this epic moment by petrifying the cake,” Wyckoff continues. “I did not know if it would be possible because I couldn’t find any good evidence online, so I ventured to the craft store and discovered the Resin casting material. All I could do was try it and see what happened.”

The result is a one-of-a-kind tribute to a very special evening at Celebration IV. “I think this is an ultimate collectible because it captures that exact moment in time when everyone could enjoy 30 years of Star Wars and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ with 7,000 fans and a stage full of so many contributors to the saga,” Wyckoff says.

Find out more about the cake collectible here.



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