Slave Leia Belly Dancing! (We Suspect You May Be Interested…)

Pablo Hidalgo | May 25, 2007

Amira Sa’id, acclaimed professional belly dancer (and Star Wars fan!) is teaching fans how to belly dance in her special seminars. Sa’id is performing in the fan-favorite costume — her Slave Leia outfit. More Slave Leia costumers are welcome to join her for her lessons, but all fans can take part, or just come to enjoy the show.

Sa’id, who has a degree in physics, is a professional belly dance instructor, choreographer, and performer from Orlando, Florida. Her award-winning belly dancing tribute to Princess Leia has been in demand at conventions nationally since its debut in 2005. The name Amira Sa’id means “happy princess” in Arabic. Amira hopes all her audiences will share her joy and join the dance.

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